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Reasons for UAE/Dubai Visa Rejection:

1. If applicant of visa have a previous criminal record in UAE or his country then your visa may get rejected.
2. If the applicant previously had a residence visa and excited UAE without its cancellation then it is possible that your visa will be rejected.
3. If you are female and your age is below 25 then it is possible that her visa application may get rejected if she plans to travel alone.
4. If there is typing mistakes in your visa application then your visa may get rejected.
5. If applicants passport holds unskilled profession like labourer, farmer or something similar so your UAE visa may get rejected.
6. If photo in passport is not clear, your application may be delayed or rejected.
7. If you had previously applied for UAE visa and not utilized it then your visa may be canceled.
1.Validity of passport must be at least 6 months
2. Hand written passport is strictly not allowed
3. All documents must be clean and clear