Frequently Asked Questions

About Visas and More

Ans: Visa applications are typically processed in 2 to 5 working days. May take longer time in case of exceptions which is subject to the Immigration Department.

Ans: It’s good to visit UAE in winter season since there might be pleasant and refreshing environment at that time. So you can go UAE between the months November to February.

Ans: It is better to apply for your UAE Visa 58 days prior to your travel date, but you may apply for your UAE visa at least 5 days prior to travel date.

Ans: Depending on visitor’s nationality, it is decided that he/she will need a Visa to enter Dubai or not.

Ans: Generally, visa application process takes near about 3 to 4 working days.

Ans: Of course, It is mandatory to book your airline ticket before applying for the UAE visa.

Ans: Yes, it is essential not only for your kids, but also for your infants to have a UAE Visa.

Ans: No, it is not possible to get back your Visa fee because visa fee can not be refundable.

Ans: As per Visa norms, you can reapply for Visa.

Ans: When your visa application process is complete, you will receive your visa through your mail

Ans: Yes, It is possible for you to extend your visa for a month, however charges will apply.

Ans: Yes, if your visa is not renewed, you have to pay some fine

Ans: However the Arabic is the official language of the UAE, the most widely used language is English.

Ans: Yes, as per my opinion, it is a safer place than any other places in the world because there are strict laws that protects people's rights and make Dubai a highly preferred tourist spot.

Ans: It’s not a difficult task to exchange currency in Dubai. You could exchange your foreign currency at money exchange counters across the malls, banks and shopping centers. However, most banks and ATMs accept credit cards also.

Ans: Mostly the weather of Dubai is hot and humid because it is situated in the Arabian Desert. During summer season temperature may rise up to 40 to 45 degree Celsius, however, it is pleasant, refreshing and cool in the winter season because the temperature goes down to 25 degrees Celsius or even less, mainly in December – January months.

Ans: The time zone of UAE is GMT/UTC +4 hours

Ans: Du and Etisalat are the main mobile phone providers in the Dubai

Ans: The official currency of UAE is Arab Emirates dirham (AED).

Ans: Once you got your valid UAE visa, you have to send the copy of visa to the airline for cross checking. After cross checking of your visa, airline approves your air ticket and mark it with OK To Board. The citizens of India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri lanka requires UAE visa with OK To Board

Ans: Yes, she can get a 30 day tourist visa on renewable only for once for a similar period, but for that she must be sponsored by any tourist agency or hotels. It might be possible for her that her visa application may get rejected if she is under 25.

Ans: After contacting to ‘UAE Online Visa’ for your visa application, it is not necessary for you to go with a local sponsor in the UAE. You will receive your visa with minimum documents. We are providing you the Visa very quickly, i.e. within 3 to 4 working days after your visa application is submitted.